Agriculture products

Talera Overseas is well known export company of agricultural products from India. We have our unique identity in agricultural products. We are attached in the business field in since three decades. We have wide range of agricultural products in which we are dealing in Onion, Red Chili, Kabuli Chickpeas, Fenugreek Seed, Garlic, Kalonji Oil. Talera Overseas has built a strong business base with quality products, broad international presence and effective market access. We develop market and sell all major classes products. Reaching the greatest height of agriculture by incorporating advanced technologies, proper methodologies, Research and Development and there by achieving the new dimensions of agriculture. We have been exporting these quality products for a number of years and have in-depth knowledge commensurate with our area of operation.

The organization prides its values around its people, competitiveness, quality of delivery and global relationship. The organization is one of the leading names in India in the field of agri-exports. We have also gained a vast repute in the global world as we offer the edible items that are of unmatched quality and have luscious taste. We are also striving to maintain the position and also serve impeccable range of agricultural food products

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We are engaged in doing of Bellary onion, procuring from Nasik district and Pune area. Mostly our buying is done from farmers from Nasik area like Lasalgaon , Pimpalgaon , Dhindhori , Vani , Saikheda , Yawla , Niphad , Manmad , Satana , etc and from Pune area Chakan , Pune market , etc. Talera Overseas is one of the world's largest exporters of Onion Based in India we handle the entire production process right from growing the produce to processing and packaging it for overseas markets. This ensures that our products meet the most stringent quality standards. For sorting and packing, to provide you the better quality and rates, than in the market, all collected goods are brought and packed at our warehouse in Nasik, with the most experience person in charge to look after the matter.

We have our big numbers of buyers in Malaysia, Srilanka , UAE , Pakistan , Singapore , Indonesia , etc . Apart from export, we are also engaged in domestic supply of onion to India. We are one of the prominent suppliers and exporters of Indian Onions of all available varieties.

We further have partner on contract for shipping to get the best rates. With a lot of experience now in this line , we have become masters of this and competing with us in matter of quality and price is difficult for others. Packing provided – 4kg, 5kg, 7.5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20 and 25kg. Bags –Jute bags & PP bags Minimum order – 2*20 FCL ODO Minimum Time order – 1 day.

(HS Code: 07032030)
Garlic is considered as one of the most beneficial agro-product. Indian breed garlic is preferred over others especially for its taste and benefits. We export Indian garlic for global consumption with guaranteed freshness. Garlic is procured from farms- specially grown, hand harvested free from damage, soil cuts and infection. We check the garlic’s for quality and then make them suitable for trade.

We dehydrate and process garlic’s keeping the taste and nutrient content intact. Dehydrated garlic’s and garlic clove are peeled, cut to size or pulverize tested and finally packed. We export and supply Indian garlic, procuring from central India (Madhya Pradesh).
We procure it from local market of Mandsaur , thereafter graded and packed from Mandsaur .

India is one of the largest producers of garlic in Asia. Indian Garlic is generally smaller in size , With approx 10-12 buds in one piece.
The maturity period for garlic unlike onion is more i.e. around 5 months and it is a late monsoon season irrigation crop in India. The normal harvest season is December and January every year.

Packing Provided – As per buyer’s requirement
Minimum Order – 1*20 FCl
Minimum Time Order – 3 Days

(HS Code: 09042110)
The tremendous growth, we have achieved across the world is owing to the exceptional quality Dry Red Chilli offered by us. The offered chilli is extensively used to add color, taste and aroma to several dishes.
The core focus of the company is delivering the customers with a quality range of Chilli and Dried Chilli ideal to be used as a spice in varied cuisin
Our Red Chilli purchasing is widely done from the area of Guntur and Warangal area. We handle different type of varities of chilli like – Bydagi , Teja , Sannam S4 and 334 , Wrinkle 273 , Wonder Hot , etc. (with stem and without stem) We have our mastery in this product too from our long experience .
Maintaining quality is very important in this, as proper dryness is way too important otherwise the complete cargo can get damage. We have emerged as one of the prominent suppliers and exporters of a complete range of Red Chillies. These chillies are processed in our warehouse under the guidance of experienced experts. These chillies are widely used during the preparation of various cuisines to make the dish spicy & tasty. To check this, our complete team looks after the quality and its best management.
Buying is done from farmers and de-stemming, quality control, sun dry process is done at our warehouse in Guntur only, by this we are assured of best quality and most competitive rate.
If want multiple photographs of our shipment can be provided.

Our area of export is Malaysia, China, Srilanka, UAE, Pakistan, Etc.
Packing provided – 2.8Kg, 3.3, 3.7, 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg, 25kg, 35kg
Minimum Order – 1*20FCL

(HS Code: 07132000)
With strong tenacity and relentless dedication, we strive to manufacture and export Kabuli Chickpeas. Chickpeas are highly nutritious which is produced throughout the world. With the help of our wide distribution network, we export these Kabuli Chickpeas across the global market. There are mainly two types of chickpeas – Kabuli and Desi

  • Desi chickpeas– These are split peas and are relatively smaller in size having a thicker seed coat. They appear dark brown in color and they can be used and served in many ways.
  • Kabuli Chickpeas – Kabuli chickpeas have a whitish-cream color and are relatively bigger in size having a thinner seed coat. They are generally used in soups /salads or as flour it has a whitish cream color and is relatively bigger in size having a thinner seed coat. India is the largest producer of this pulse contributing to around 70% of the total world’s production.

Kabuli is produced and procured by our company from the Indore belt – Indore, Dewas, Dhar , Jaora , Mandsaur , Neemuch , etc.
We exports 'Kabuli Chick Peas' to Pakistan, UAE, Turkey, Algeria and Srilanka
Counts in Kabuli Chickpeas – 38-40/14mm, 42-44/11mm, 44-46/10mm, 58-60/8mm, 75-80/7mm
Packing provided – 5-50kg (As per Buyer’s requirement)
Minimum Order – 1*20FCL Heavy Duty Container type
Minimum Time Order – 1 Day

(HS Code 09109912)
Being a client-centric firm, we are engaged in manufacturing, supplying and exporting premium quality Fenugreek Seeds. These seeds are used as a flavoring agent in various dishes and also useful for eradicating cholesterol and blood pressure. Our range of seeds is reckoned for pungent smell, bitter taste and rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals. We assure to procure these seeds from authentic farmers thereby applauded by a number of patrons.
Fengreek seed is machine cleaned with the puurity of 97/98/99% , having odour celery and bitter , color caramel to light yellow , moisture : 5-7% Max , Green seeds : 2% max , Total ASH : 10% Max , Acid insuluble ASH : 1.25% Max , Flavour : Aromatic sweet .

In India it is grown extensively in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and maharshtra . Major Importer of Indian fenugreek are Japan, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, USA, UK, Sri Lanka and singapore.

We do cleaning for export purpose and for domestic supply in Mandsaur , Our HQ place , to see the best management and working of it.
Packing Provided – As per buyer’s requirement
Minimum Order – 1*20 FCL
Minimum Time Order – 2 Days

(HS Code: 30049011)
We are enlisted among the leading manufacturers and exporters of Kalonji Seeds. These seeds are obtained by our experts from fruits of Nigella sativa plant. Highly demanded in pharmaceutical industries & confectionery shops, these seeds help in the treatment of hypertension & calm nervous system. We are remarkable exporter and supplier of Kalonji Oil.

Different Names of Kalonji Oil is: nigella sativa, Black Seed, Caraway, schwarz kummel, fitch , Etc .Kalonji Oil is made from herb called nigella satvia/Black Cumin/Black seed.

Kalonji seed Benefits: beneficial for respiratory system and they also have anti bacterial properties.
Kalonji Oil Benefits: It is used widely for diseases like fever, diarrhea, hemorrhoids, hepatitis, cough, etc. It cures urinal disease. It also strengthens the resisting power of the body in curing all types of diseases.

We make this product available to our buyers by giving on work job, from Mandsaur Area , to check the highest quality control and proper working plus this seed is highly found in this area Mandsaur (MP)

Packing Provided – As per Buyer’s Requirement
Minimum Order – 1*20FCL
Minimum Time Order – 7 Days